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Sri Bhagavan's Biography

On the Occasion of Sri Bhagavan's 128th Jayanti which fell on 25th December 2007. Sri Bhagavan's Biography in English in Eight volumes was released. It consists of 4135 pages and around 400 photographs.

cover Volume 1
cover Volume 1
cover Volume 1
cover Volume 1

It has been said by Sri Bhagavan that the jnani is greater than an avatar, because an avatar is only a partial manifestation of Isvara, the Creator, whereas, the jnani, the Self-realised being is Brahman Itself. An ardent devotee Rama Varma Appan Tampuran said it beautifully: "The life of Maharshi, who has attained Liberation, is not the biography of an individual but the Radiance of the Universal Self, not the expression of a body's acts but the Manifestation of the Spirit within."

Chronologically arranged, it brings out the salient features of his early years, as written by his classmates and later devotees such as Nayana. The comprehensive information was gathered from various sources already known to readers as well as material from video interviews and the archives, which has not been heard or published previously.

The biography describes the early history of Sri Ramanasramam and its growth, and the spread of the teaching in the West by devotees such as Paul Brunton, Arthur Osborne and S.S. Cohen. It relates the spiritual sadhana and struggles they endured prior to their coming to the Maharshi.

Further, this biography brings together the sublime experiences of many devotees - some of whom are still with us - who received the guidance of Sri Bhagavan in times of life's tribulations.

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Arunachala's Ramana Boundless Ocean of Grace

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