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Atma Vidya Bhagavan Ramana

At the Feet of Bhagavan

T.K.Sundaresa Iyer

Table of Contents

Preface iii

Guru’s Grace

1.Introduction — A lifetime with Bhagavan  3
2.The Maharshi’s Greatness 10
3.A Voice from the Hill of the Holy Beacon 11


 4.Sri Ramana Gives Rama Darshan 17
 5.Initiation for Sri Bhagavan? 22
 6.Deepavali Darshan 24
 7.Introduction to the Collected Works 26
 8.Bhagavan tells of Kannappar the Saint 28
 9.The Teaching in Silence 32
10.Can a cracked egg be hatched? 33
11.Does it not pain the tree? 36
12.He was my remembrancer 37
13.Walk with Bhagavan to the lake 38
14.The Pontiff and Sri Bhagavan 42
15.Thought Travels too 45
16.That Hoomkar 47
17.Proxy Cure at a Distance 50
18.The Ekarat and the Princely Beggar 52
19.I am not talking to you! 54
20.In Brute and Man alike 55
21.“Who am I, Nayana?” 57
22.Bhagavan as a Classical Sanskrit Poet 58
23.How the Mantra came 61
24.Envoi 63

The Guru’s Teaching

23.The Essence of the Teaching 67
26.What does the Guru say? 68
27.The Knower and the Magician 71
28.How the “Five Hymns to Arunachala” came 75
29.Where is the Divine World? 82
30.Who am I? 84
31.Where can the Self be found? 86
32.Silence, self-imposed or Imposed by the Self? 87
33.The Divine Ruler 90
34.The Ribhu Gita  92
35.Questions and Answers 99


37.My Little Ones110
38.Six Verses in Praise of Sri Bhagavan111
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