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Day by Day with Bhagavan

September 1st 1946

From the Diary of
A.Devaraja Mudaliar

This is the Golden Jubilee of Bhagavan's arrival at Tiruvannamalai. I went to the hall about 5-30 a.m. hoping to see Bhagavan there, to fall at his feet, and to offer some fruits and two bath towels. But found that today the parayana was started about 4 a.m. and closed at 5 a.m. and that Bhagavan went to the bathroom as early as 5 a.m. After Bhagavan had his breakfast and returned from his stroll, a number of married women (sumangalis) headed by Uma came from the Temple in a procession, doing bhajan and carrying a milk- pot, and Uma and her daughter sang a Tamil song and offered milk to Bhagavan. He took a spoon of the milk and the rest was distributed among the devotees.

Then I read out Colombo Ramachandra's Ramanashtakam, in Tamil, and also my five stanzas composed for the Jubilee. Then Uma read out her Muthumalai composed for the occasion. Printed copies of all the three compositions were then distributed to the devotees. Printed copies of tributes by Turiyananda in Tamil, K.Vaidyanatha Aiyar of Vellore in English verse, T.K. Sundaresa Iyer in Tamil verse, and K.R. Seshagiri Aiyar in English were also read out and distributed. One Mr. Bhatt also read out his Canarese songs. Then a gentleman introduced by Dr. T.N.K. gave a performance on gottu vadyam. Mr. Chellam Iyer, of Kalaimagal office, read out Muruganar's poems composed for the occasion, including one which he composed at the moment.

After lunch Bhagavan would not allow himself even his usual rest, but insisted on being available for devotees who had come from far and near and so, soon after his return from the after-lunch stroll, various addresses in different languages were read out. One of them was from the Hindi Prachar Sabha. Another was Dr. Siva Rao's tribute in English which was read out and also translated into Tamil by Mr. T.K.D. Iyer. Mr. Siva Mohan Lal also read out the English translation of the Hindi address he read to Bhagavan yesterday. Dr. Siva Rao's address in effect said, "I have been trying my humble best to cure Bhagavan of various bodily ailments of his. But all my efforts have proved vain, except to give some temporary relief. I believe this is due to my ego having presumed that it can cure Bhagavan. All people today are offering various things to Bhagavan – fruits, flowers, clothes, books, etc. I have decided to offer my ego. I place it at Bhagavan's feet and beg him to accept it."

About 2-30 p.m., the programme already planned and published for the Jubilee was begun with Mr. Justice Kuppuswamy Aiyer as President. He made a few introductory remarks in English. Then Mr. T.K.D. read out Sir S. Radhakrishnan's article, intended for inclusion in the Souvenir Volume, but which, though posted in Calcutta on 7th August, was received here only on the 30th.

Then the following spoke: Swami Rajeswarananda and Prof. T.M.P.Mahadevan of the Madras University, in English, Justice Chandrasekara Iyer in Telugu, Chellam Iyer of Kalaimagal office and Omandur Ramaswami Reddiar in Tamil, Mr. S.R. Venkatarama Sastri (of Vivekananda College) in Sanskrit, and Mr. Airavatam Aiyer, in Malayalam. After the speeches, Viswanatha Sastri recited a few Sanskrit songs, and Kunju Swami a few Tamil songs of Bhagavan and of one Venkatarama Iyer (author of Ramana Stuti Panchakam).

Bhagavan then rose at 4-45 p.m. as usual. After he returned about 5 p.m., Mr. Annamalai Pillai, the local Congress leader, made a speech in Tamil, on behalf of the citizens of Tiruvannamalai, expressing joy and gratitude on Bhagavan's completing fifty years' stay here. Then Musiri Subramania Iyer gave a very moving and devotional musical performance till about 6-45. For the speeches and music excellent loudspeaker arrangements had been made by the local Municipal Chairman and it was a great convenience for the crowds who had gathered. Finally Veda parayana brought the day's function to a close.

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