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Five Stanzas on the Self

  1. When, forgetting the Self, one thinks
    That the body is oneself and goes
    Through innumerable births
    And in the end remembers and becomes
    The Self, know this is only like
    Awaking from a dream wherein
    One has wandered over all the world.

  2. One ever is the Self. To ask oneself
    "Who and whereabouts am I?"
    Is like the drunken man's enquiring
    "Who am I?" and "Where am I?"

  3. The body is within the Self. And yet
    One thinks one is inside the inert body,
    Like some spectator who supposes
    That the screen on which the film is thrown
    Is within the picture.

  4. Does an ornament of gold exist
    Apart from the gold? Can the body exist
    Apart from the Self?
    The ignorant one thinks "I am the body";
    The enlightened knows "I am the Self."

  5. The Self alone, the Sole Reality,
    Exists for ever,
    If of yore the First of Teachers
    Revealed It through unbroken silence
    Say who can reveal It in spoken words?
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