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NewsLetter Fonts

The URW fonts are installed by a program called Itranslator which is available at

you can install the above program or
copy these files into your fonts** directory

file name size font name
RAITP.TTF 79K "T-TamiPro Ics2YRaiNonComUse"
paitb.ttf 94K "URW Palladio IT Bold"
paitbi.ttf 98K "URW Palladio IT Bold Italic"
paiti.ttf 99K "URW Palladio IT Italic"
paitr.ttf 104K "URW Palladio IT Roman"
Sanskrit.ttf 77K "Sanskrit-99"

or, download all of them in fonts.tgz [220K]


**   on windows-xp: the fonts can be copied into C:\windows\fonts\
   on Ubuntu Linux: 'gksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype'
   invokes the graphical font installer

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