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The Devanagari and transliteration files should be opened with Ms-Word; Wordpad will probably NOT display the fonts correctly,

The itx file is the input used by Itranslator to create the Devanagari and Transliteration versions of Guru Gitam. You need to install two fonts (URW Palladio & sanskrit-99) to view or print these files. You can download the fonts or install Itranslator which will install the fonts for you.


MsWord .doc

Guru Gitam, Devanagari PDF

MsWord .doc

Guru Gitam, transliteration PDF
Other Resources

Itranslator source .itx

Sample recording .mp3

if you want to save the mp3 above and your browser automatically plays it, in IE explorer you can
'right-click' the link and choose <save link as>

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