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Homage to the Presence of Sri Ramana

Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai

This selection of 473 verses of Homage to the Presence written by Sri Muruganar in adoration of and devotion to his Guru, Sri Ramana has been translated into English by Prof.K.Swaminathan.
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The Magician Ramana, Sattaruttali 1

Awareness wherein brightly shine
These many forms of persons, places, time
All separate-seeming though in substance One:
Into that same Awareness he transmuted
This 'I' of mine. Now, nothing to be known,
My past undone, my being his,
I stand, unruffled Bliss, a rock
Untouched by any shock.
Lord Siva Venkatesa, King of kings
Came conquering
And made me his alone.

What is this 'I' that rises from within?
Only a thought that, like a bubble, floats
Up to the troubled surface of Awareness.
In sleep the sea is still, no bubble rises:
Then too you are and are aware you are.
You're not the 'I' that rises and then sets,
You are the sole Awareness in the All,
The eternal, uncreated Light of Being.

No form or feature has he of his own,
Yet form and feature to all beings gives;
Knowledge and ignorance, both to him unknown,
Each human mind from him alone derives.
He brought me into being but to think
Of him as 'you', of me and mine as 'yours';
And he has left me wordless, deedless, prone,
Helpless on death's brink.
Only the vast beatitude endures.

Anubhuti (Ch.76)    Vol.9, Tiruvahaval 2     Upadesa Tiruvahaval


1. Originally printed in the January 1996 issue of "The Mountain Path". these verses are from Ch.81
2. The "Tiruvahaval" web-page is a presentation containing only the lines of poetry made available with annotations in Tiruvahaval.pdf.

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