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Hrdaya Guha

Curling tendrils of Grace,
Pull me to your Heart cave, O Ramana!

Let the Power of this Hill, in all Its forms
Reveal the Self shining within.

May the banyan tree of Wisdom
Strangle and starve the habits of my mind.

O Flesh-eating birds of Bliss,
Tear away the memory of desire.

Lightning of Inquiry, blazing fire,
Burn the knotted ropes,
Loosening, falling,
Falling away.

Iron-rich boulders of Sadhana,
Crush the bones of grief
then burn them in your furnace,
Blue-black as night.

O Cleansing rain of Surrender,
Wash away the ash,
the cloaking haze of regret.

Healing Nectar of Devotion,
Dissolve the leaf bed on which I dream.
Unwrap my shrouded thoughts,

Let the vibrations of Your Name
Drench my mind with the Medicine of You.

Aruna Path, with your tender stones of Grace, mercifully
lead me to my sweet demise, O Ramana,
in the cave of your dominion.

Such is Your Love, O Arunachala,
that I will not survive your mercy.

No greater Bliss is there than this:
To become the Space
in which the soaring Arunagiri birds wing home.

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