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Arunachala Ramana Multimedia CD


* * * please note: this item is NO longer available * * *

Arunachala-Ramana CD


Important -


Every PDF file on this CD opens on the second page - this is the first page of the actual file content. The first page of every file is ‘Universal Links’ page. The ‘Universal Links’ page looks exactly the same for each file - with two exceptions - the title of the opened file is at the top of the page and the link to the opened file is missing.




This CD contains the following files:


CD File Names —


Sri Ramanasramam - ashram.pdf

Full-page photos of Bhagavan - restored.pdf

520 photographs of Bhagavan - archive.pdf

Complete Books - books.pdf

Book extracts - extracts.pdf

'Mountain Path' Journal - m_path.pdf

Arunachala photos - aruna.pdf

Maharshi Newsletters - maharshi.pdf

Arunachaleswara Temple - temple.pdf

Pradakshina map and Shrines - pradak.pdf

Rangammal School - rangamal.pdf

Shanthimalai Trust - shanthi.pdf

Sri Seshadri ashram - seshadri.pdf

Arunachalam Trust School - a_trust.pdf

Video previews - video.pdf

Sound files - audio.pdf


Additional Folders:


Audio — containing two audio files from the Monday evening Tamil parayana at Sri Ramanasramam -


Introductory verses.mp3 - 4 minutes

Aksharamanamalai.mp3 - 23 minutes


Video — containing four MPEG preview files - details of these videos can be found in the ‘video’ section of the Sri Ramanasramam file (ashram.pdf).


Archival film.mpg

Guru Ramana.mpg - this video will not be available until Autumn/Winter 2001

Pradakshina.mpg - this video will not be available until Autumn/Winter 2001

Sage of Arunachala.mpg


Acrobat 4 and Acrobat 5 — containing the relevant versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader for either or both PC and Mac.


QuickTime 5 — containing Apple QuickTime for the Mac - see below for details.




This CD contains the following file types -


PDF — Adobe’s portable document format.


These files were constructed using ‘Adobe Acrobat’ version 5.0 and they require ‘Acrobat Reader’ version 4.0 or higher to read them.


Acrobat 4.0 will not work on the Windows 3.1 platform, it requires Windows 95 or higher. I have provided Acrobat Reader version 4 on this CD in both PC and Mac formats. If you use any other platform then you can download a compatible version of Acrobat Reader 4.0 from


MPG — MPEG-2 video format.


These are the ‘Video preview’ files which are located in the ‘Video’ folder on the CD. People using Windows 98SE, ME and 2000 can just double-click the file name to launch ‘Windows Media Player’ and watch the previews. Mac owners should install ‘Apple Quicktime’ version 5.0, which is included on this CD for both PC and Mac to watch the MPEG files - previous versions of Quicktime do not support MPEG-2. The four files on this CD are medium resolution and in no way reflect the quality of the original material. These files will not run from within the PDF files, they must be run separately using the players listed above.


MP3 — Compressed audio files.


These files do not run from within the PDF files, they must be run separately using the MP3 player supplied with your O/S.




File Structure


The first page of every PDF file is a ‘Universal Contents’ page. This page contains links to every other file on the CD except the actual video previews and audio files which cannot be launched from within Acrobat. Just click on the description of the file you want to access on the Universal Contents page and Acrobat opens the file automatically. Use the ‘Home’ key on your keypad to return to the ‘Universal Contents’ page at any time from within any file.


Navigating through files


Those files that contain more than one section have their own specific ‘Contents’ page in addition to the ‘Universal Contents’ page …. for example the Sri Ramanasramam Pages, Maharshi Newsletters, Book Extracts, etc. To access any section move your mouse over any of the names on the contents pages; if the name is a link, then the cursor changes from an arrow to a pointing finger, click on that item to navigate to the relevant section – or different file in the case of the Universal Contents page.


All of the files that have sub-sections also have a small arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of each page which returns you to the local ‘contents’ page when clicked. The ‘Home’ key on your keypad always returns you to the ‘Universal Contents’ page.


To move from one page to another use the arrow keys on your keypad - the ‘up’ arrow takes you to the previous page and the ‘down’ arrow takes you to the next page. The ‘Home’ key takes you to the first page of any file and the ‘End’ key takes you to the last page.


System requirements


This CD has been prepared to provide you with optimum detail and the highest quality images (within reason), and as such some of the images occupy a lot of space when opened. A 256 colour display is the absolute minimum required for the photographs, thousands of colours is better. A screen resolution of 800x600 is the lowest recommended, but lower resolutions will not prevent the files from opening.


Running the files from the CD - Some of the images on this CD occupy more than 16Mb when opened and decompressed by Acrobat, so you need at least 32Mb RAM in your system to open the pages quickly. The more RAM you have the faster the pages will load. If you have only a small amount of RAM then Acrobat will try to write each page to your hard drive before opening it, so please ensure that you have at least 100Mb of space on your boot drive. Your CD-ROM drive needs to be at least 16x speed to view the ‘video preview’ files properly.


Running the files from your hard drive - If you have more than 1Gb of space on your hard drive then you can run the files from that. The contents of the CD will occupy less than 600Mb of that space. This will significantly speed up access.




Prints, Videos, CD’s and Publications Purchase Information


The addresses for purchasing any of the items listed on this CD are in the Sri Ramanasramam file. For an up-to-date address list please visit the following page on the Ramana Maharshi website — Error: Reference source not found — This page contains the postal addresses, E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of sources for the above items.




Contacting individuals and organisations listed on the CD


To contact Sri Ramanasramam please E-mail —

To contact Arunachala Ashrama please E-mail —

To contact me please E-mail —


To contact the Charities listed on the CD please see the information at the end of the relevant files or visit the link pages on the Ramana Maharshi website.


I hope you enjoy the contents of ‘Arunachala-Ramana’.






Sole ownership and copyright to the software images and data contained on this Compact Disc is the property of the copyright owners listed below. No part of any information on the CD may be reproduced, copied, sold, rented, leased or given away, in whole or in part, nor used in any publication or otherwise without the express permission in writing from the copyright owners; such permission shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing, permit only one use of the specified data. This copyright is protected by the United States of America, United Kingdom and Indian Government Copyright Laws and by International Treaty.


© 1999-2001 Copyright: (Design and content) Graham Boyd, Scarborough, England

© 1925-2001 Copyright: (Publications) Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, India

© 1993-2001 Copyright: (Maharshi Newsletters) Arunachala Ashrama, New York, USA

© 1980-2001 Copyright: (Charities) Rangammal Memorial Trust, Arunachalam Trust, Shanthimalai Trust.

© 1995-2001 Copyright: (Photographs) - Sri Ramanasramam, G. Boyd, Kai Schöenefeld, Dominica, Eurico Saraiva, Christopher Burgess, Dev Gogoi, Sharyn Rubin, Illaya Raja, Nadhia Sutara, Anonymous devotees.

© 1900-2001 Copyright: (Photographs of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi) Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.


Acrobat ® Reader copyright © 1987-2000 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Adobe and Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.


Apple QuickTime © 1992-2000 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. The QuickTime Logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.



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