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Necklet of Nine Gems

1) Though He is the ever unmoving One, yet in the temple
   hall (of Thillai) His dance of bliss He dances before the
   Mother motionless there. Now that Power withdrawn within,
   His form here motionless, still, He soars as Aruna Hill.

2) Not only do A, RU and NA stand for Being, Awareness and
   Bliss, they also stand for the Self, the soul and their
   oneness. Hence Aruna means but that thou art. Achala is
   perfection firm. Invoke the aid of Arunachala of golden
   brightness beautiful, one thought of whom brings Final Freedom.

3) Those who give up ignorant attachment to weatlh, land,
   kinship, caste and the like, and take refuge at the lotus feet
   of the Supreme Lord of compassion dwelling in Arunachala,
   are made ever purer by His grace benign; they are freed
   from darkness in this world and, in the steady light of His
   grace shining like the golden rays of the rising sun, they
   abide for ever sunk deep in the ocean of bliss.

4) Annamalai, think not that you can let me pine away in vain
   longing, as if I were someone who does not think of you. It
   is not proper that I should perish and mix as dust with dust,
   as if I were one who mistook the vile body for the Self. Turn
   your cool, bright glance of grace towards me, O beloved
   Eye of my twin eyes. Do not play some trick on me, O Lord
   who is all light, beyond male, female and neuter. Come and
   dwell within my heart (as pure Awareness)

5) Lord whose being is all Awareness, you who reign in glory
   and enhance the glory of the Golden Hill, forgive all the
   grievous faults of this poor fellow and, with your glance of
   grace, benignant like the rain cloud, save me from falling
   once again into the void. If you fail me, I shall never cross
   the cruel river of maya and reach the other shore. Tell me,
   what can match a mother's care for her child? (You are my
   mother. Now come to my rescue like a good mother.)

6) "Killer of Kama" is the name by which your lovers always
   call you. But a doubt arises if this title truly fits you,
   O Lord of Arunachala. If the title does fit you, how then
   can this mighty and invisible Kama, though brave and valiant,
   creep into the mind of one taking shelter at Your Feet,
   You the Killer of Kama?

7) That moment when as Annamalai you called me and made me
   your own, you took sole charge of my spirit and my body.
   What more do I want? Merit or defect I know none apart from
   you. My very life you are. Do with me what you will.
   Only, only give me ever increasing love for Your twin Feet.

8) In Tiruchuzhi, the holy town of Bhuminatha, I was born to
   Sundara and his good wife Sundari. To rescue me from this
   barren worldly life, Arunachala Siva in the form of a Hill
   famous throughout the universe, gave me His own state of bliss,
   so that His heart might rejoice, so that His own Being as
   Awareness might shine forth and His own Power might flourish.

9) As mother and father both, you gave me birth and tended
   me. And before I could fall into the deep sea called
   Jaganmaya and get drowned in the universal illusion, you
   came to abide in my mind, you drew me to yourself, O Arunachala,
   you whose being is all Awareness. What a wonderful work of art
   your Grace has wrought, my Mother - Father - Lord!

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