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Nirvana Satkam

of Alagammal

1. In the first quarter of the night of Friday, the ninth day of the dark fortnight of Vaisakha month, Dundubhi year

2. Wife of Sundaram born in the exalted lineage of Bharadwaja, Parasara and mother of Ramana Maharshi born as an avatara of Guruguha (Subrahmanya), the blessed lady,

3. One devoid of any attachment, one cleansed by bhakti to Siva, one whose prana was arrested by the touch of Guha (Ramana Maharshi), one whose tendencies were all destroyed that very moment

4. She, Soundaryamba, became that Light which can be known only by the Vedantic Vakyas, which is all-pervasive, and which was known by her son.

5. At that samadhi of Soundaryamba the stream which poured out of the lotus palms of Ramana Maharshi became a new teertha, the Aghasamana teertha (the teertha which removes all sins).

6. Glory to the holy mother of sacred Ramana!
  Glory to the samadhi!
  Glory to the linga consecrated by the Maharshi!
  Glory to the new Aghasamana teertha!

The Maharshi later said something interesting. After her passing away, Alagammal's body acquired a new brilliance which persisted till the abhisheka on the following day at the time of samadhi; it disappeared soon after water was poured. Further, at the last breath in all cases a faint sound emanates. In the mother's case, Bhagavan did not notice it but others present did.

Every year, to commemorate the anniversary, pooja is performed to Matrubhuteswara. Thousands of devotees from various parts of the world assemble to join the observance.

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