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Sundarar Nāyanār

Illustration courtesy of Ramalingar Pani Mandram.
One day while plucking flowers for the Lord at Kailas, Sundara beheld Uma’s lady- a endants, Aninditai and Kamalini. Instantly his heart went out to them. When he reported this to the Lord, the la er responded saying: “As you have bestowed your loving glances on these two maidens, all three of you will be born on the earth and taste the joys of love!” Thus begins Sundara’s life and adventures on earth, among them, his marriage to Aninditai and Kamalini, (now Paravaiyār and Sangaliār). But while on earth, Sundara remains ever the devotee of the Lord and sings his songs of devo on at every opportunity, passing his days and nights in worship of the Lord at the holy kshetras. Though some mes snared by the lures of earthly life, Sundara nevertheless remains faithful to the Lord and eventually is summoned back to Kailas. Riding heavenward on a white elephant, he stops in to see his close friend, the Chera ruler Cheraman Perumal. Once having reached the Lord’s abode, Sundarar bows low, exclaiming, “Oh, Lord, how indescribable is Thy compassion that has forgiven my lapses and brought me back to Thy service”. In the end both Sundarar and Cheraman Perumal are granted the grace of being in the Lord’s service at Kailasa.

Reproduced from the September 2011 issue of the Saranagati eNewsletter
published by Sri Ramanasramam. The above text has been freely adapted from editions
of Periapuranam, Siva Bhakta Vilāsam (published by Sri Ramanasramam) and other texts.

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