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Aksharamanamalai listen to the 24m 50s recitation of 'Aksharamanamalai' by Sangeetha Swaminathan (Bhaje Ramana Namam CD): 22.7 MB mp3 file transliteration Devanagari(.doc)
listen to the 24m 50s recitation of 'Aksharamanamalai' by Sangeetha Swaminathan: 24 MB mp3 file
Arati listen to the 21m 39s narration of 'Arati': 4 MB mp3 file transliteration devanagari(.pdf)
Arunachala Siva mp3 download  01m 56s 1.8 MB [1]
  mp3 download  46m 09s 32 MB
  Guru-vachaka-kovai mp3 download  2m 48s   1 MB
Siva Panjatcharam mp3 download  41m 11s 61 MB [2]
  mp3 download  1h 03m 08s 58 MB
Sri Lalita Sahsaranam

A.B.Bhagavat mp3 download  31m 05s 7.2 MB
J.J & Rao mp3 download  43m 21s 40 MB [3]
J.J & Rao mp3 download  48m 54s 52 MB


( The 30+ MB files listed above may take up to a minute before triggering a popup )
  1. this is the chant that plays on Sri Ramanasramam's home page :
    the 46m download is a 108 repetition (looped) version of the first entry
  2. Sivaya-nama yanama-siva, ma-siva yanama, maya nama si, nama-sivaya
    (the 1 h 3m entry is a slower version of the 41m download)
  3. the intent of this recording was to make it easier for someone to learn to recite Mother's Names.
    The original recordings started at a very slow pace and increased by the end to a very quick tempo. Beginners may find the longer recording easier to follow.
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