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[Sanskrit Hymns,recorded at Sri Ramanasramam, 1999]

Sanskrit Hymns

from Sri Ramanasramam


 Name Track Sample Text*
 Name Track Sample  Words
1.   Sri Ramana Ashtottara 13m 36s itx
2.   Sri Ramana Chatvarimśat 14m 25s listen to this 4m 0s 3.8MB mp3 file [04m 00s,   3.8 MB]  
  listen to the full 14m 25s 13.9 MB mp3 track [14m 25s, 13.9 MB]  
3.   Sri Arunachala Pancaratnam 02m 19s listen to this 2m 19s 2.2MB mp3 file [02m 19s,   2.2 MB]  
4.   Upadesa Saram 04m 48s    
5.   Sat Darsanamthe Devanagari and transliteration of
Sat Darsanam in pdf format
13m 28s listen to this 1m 23s 1.3MB mp3 file [01m 23s,   1.3 MB] itx
6.   Sri Ramana Gita - Ch.18view a serialized translation
in 'The Maharshi' newsletter
08m 36s listen to this 4m 21s 1.3MB mp3 file [01m 21s,   1.3 MB]  
7.   Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotra 08m 38s listen to this 3m 9s 2.9MB mp3 file [03m 09s,   2.9 MB]  

total time : 67:53   1 CD and Transliteration Book,$15.00


* The itx files are meant to be opened by itranslator99, a free program that uses special fonts to display the Sanskrit language in Devanagari font and English transliteration. The software is available as a self-extracting 2.6 MB archive on this site or at the Omkarananda Ashrama web-site.

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