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24 November, 1938

The Heart is on the Right

Talk 587

The Spanish lady[1] and her lady friend have come. They asked: "You say the Heart is on the right. Can you explain how it is so?"

Sri Bhagavan handed over the extract from the Psychological Review of Philadelphia for her to read. He also added the Heart is the place wherefrom the 'I'-thought arises.

D. So you mean the spiritual Heart as distinguished from the physical heart ?

M. Yes. It is explained in Chapter.V of Sri Ramana Gita.

D. Is there any stage when one might feel the Heart?

M. It is within the experience of everyone. Everyone touches the right side of his chest when he says 'I'.

Both the ladies kneeled before Sri Bhagavan, one after another, and asked for blessings. Then they left for Pondicherry on their way to Colombo.
[1] This is also mentioned in the Sep/Oct 1994 issue of 'The Maharshi' newsletter.
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