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Tamil Hymns - 2 CD set

Tamil Hymns from Sri Ramanasramam

[Tamil Hymns cover]

The songs on these Tamil Hymns CDs are recited by devotees in the front of Sri Ramana's Shrine 6 days of the week. Arunachala Stuti Pancakam is the Monday recitation and the Ramana Stuti Pancakam are recited on Saturday evenings.

Arunachala Stuti Pancakam

1.   Sri Arunachala Mahatmyam 03:59  
2.   Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai * 20:05 [20 MB] 02:40 [2.5MB]
3.   Sri Arunachala Navamanimalai 05:25 
4.   Sri Arunachala Padhigam 07:04 
5.   Sri Arunachala Ashtakam 06:09 
6.   Sri Arunachala Pancaratnam 03:50

Ramana Stuti Pancakam

Namemm:ss     Sample 
1.   Kalai Pattu 03:42 
2.   Kummi Pattu 05:28 
3.   Ponnolir Paththu 06:01 
4.   Ponnaiyotha Paththu 04:28 
5.   Ramana Sadguru 16:11

2 CDs   46:32, 35:51 minutes   with 68 page Transliteration Book $18.00

Please see Sri Ramanasramam's audio pages for more information

* You can also download Aksharamanamalai for printing: english translation & transliteration in Pdf format or the same with a devanagari transliteration in Doc format. And here is a nice English translation of Aksharamanamalai