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At the Feet of Bhagavan book cover

Leaves from the diary of a devotee who lived most of his life with Sri Maharshi.
pp.112$7.00 Table of Contents

Cherished Memories book cover

By T.R. Kanakammal. Drawn to the Maharshi at a young age, Kanakammal describes how, under the watchful eye of Sri Bhagavan, she pursued her sadhana at Arunachala. Recently translated from Tamil.
pp.217$9.00Table of Contents

Crumbs from His Table book cover

Reminiscences of a devotee who visited Sri Bhagavan several times during the years 1934 to 1936, and who noted down instructive conversations and illustrative stories.

Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi Face to Face book cover

This book contains the largest collection of Reminescences — 160, of which 28 are foreigners — gathered together under one volume.

Published by the Sri Ramana Kendram in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, it contains some 400 pages of instructive and inspiring accounts from seekers from all walks of life, the world over.

A useful Glossary of non-English words, Index and Anexures have also been added.
pp.401$13.00Excerptpdf eBook

Glimpses of the Life and Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi book cover

By Frank H. Humphreys. This is an interesting, instructive and entertaining account of several meetings with Sri Ramana Maharshi by his first European devotee in the year 1911.
pp.32$3.00ToC & Excerptlisten to this article, 12m 40s, 5.8 MB mp3 filelisten to Chapter 2 article, 12m 02s, 5.6 MB mp3 filelisten to Chapter 3 article, 9m 06s, 4.2 MB mp3 file

Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana book cover

By K.K. Nambiar. The author was a long-standing devotee of the Maharshi and was once the Chief Engineer for the State of Madras. Mr. Nambiar tells the remarkable story of how the Maharshi personally guides him, even after the Sage's physical demise.

Guru Ramana book cover

By S.S.Cohen. The author was an Iraqi Jew who first came to India as a boy, lifted himself professionally and financially from the streets of Bombay, and later, after several spiritual disappointments, landed in Sri Ramanasramam in 1936. There his search ended. He then applied himself to the earnest practice of the Maharshi's teachings and, after many years, quietly slipped into eternity in 1980. His writings are always crisp and fresh. This book contains his reminiscences about Sri Ramana Maharshi and a record of many conversations he had with Him. It concludes with a diary narrating the events of the last two years of Sri Bhagavan's bodily life.

In Days of Great Peace
book cover

This book, first published in October 1952 with the subtitle "Diary Leaves from India". After being out of print for many years. it has been republished by Sri Ramanasramam in a limited edition.

In this book Mouni Sadhu recounts his visit to the Ashrama of Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1939. Through a narrative that is both simple and profound, the author takes us on his journey to the quiet hermitage of the renowned Sage of Arunachala in South India. Basking in the radiance of the 'Great Rishi' his mind turns inward, following the path of Self-enquiry of 'Who Am I?'. He describes, with perceptive insight and emotion, how in the gracious presence of the Master, thoughts are stilled and one rests calmly in the thought-free, egoless state, which he calls 'samadhi'.

In the Service of Sri Bhagavan book cover

Contains the accounts of the lives of Niranjanananda Swami and Swami Ramanananda (T.N.Venkataraman) who selflessly served from the inception of Sri Ramanasramam to build, maintain, preserve, and cause to flourish this most sacred place. Smt. Mangalam, the grand daughter of Niranjanananda Swami, has written the story of Niranjanananda Swami, and the story of Swami Ramanananda is in his own words.
pp.84$5.00, 1st Ed, 2008

Living With the Master book cover

By Sri Kunju Swami. In his youth, the author renounced his home and came to live with the Maharshi in 1920. After a long life of austere simplicity and deep devotion he was absorbed into the Master in 1992. In this book he relates his personal experiences and those of other disciples and devotees he knew.

Moments Remembered book cover

Compiled by V. Ganesan. A collection of interesting reminiscences gathered over many years by the author, who is the grandson of Niranjanananda Swami, the Maharshi's brother. Also included are many photographs of the Maharshi and of the disciples that were interviewed by the author. 9 x 7, Illustrated.

My Life at Sri Ramanasramam book cover

By Suri Nagamma. More reminiscences from the author of "Letters from Sri Ramanasramam", which includes many interesting autobiographical accounts of the author.

My Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana book cover

By Devaraja Mudaliar. These are reminiscences told in a charming and unassuming style by the author of Day by Day. Such real life experiences, written by those who moved close with the Sage, breath life into the Maharshi's unique personality and teachings. These, and other reminiscences listed in this catalogue, are an invaluable asset to sincere seekers who wish to imbibe a deep spiritual experience.

My Reminiscences book cover

By N. Balaram Reddy. In 1993, two years before his passing, Balaram Reddy dictated these Reminiscences to a devotee. It is the inspired story of his early life and an inner quest which eventially brought him under the watchful eye of Sri Ramana Maharshi in the year 1937. The chapters of this book were first serialized in 'The Maharshi', Arunachala Ashrama's bimonthly newsletter.

Ramana Smrti - Birth Centenary Souvenir book cover

There are four fascinating parts to this book. The first contains insightful writings by many devotees who had personal contact with the Maharshi and received his Grace. The second provides thirteen intimate accounts of those fortunate souls - women devotees, in particular - who lived and served alongside the Master, receiving invaluable spiritual guidance and practical counsel for daily living. These memorable stories can be read repeatedly with enduring delight.

The third part consists of offerings by sincere devotees, many of whom had not met the Master physically, but had otherwise imbued direct guidance and inspiration from him. They are a pointed reminder of how the power of the Master's personality continues to shine through those who turn to him with sincerity and faith.

The fourth and final part lays out a concise description of Tiruvannamalai, the great temple, the holy Arunachala Hill, the ancient festivals of the town, Sri Ramanasramam and its activities and other points of interest to all visitors to this holy place of pilgrimage. Although written by a prominent devotee over 30 years ago, the descriptions remain perfectly relevant today.
pp.227$8.00Table of Contents

Sadhu's Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi
book cover

By Sadhu Arunachala (Major A.W. Chadwick). Candid and engaging reminiscences of an unassuming English devotee who came to Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1935 and remained in Tiruvannamalai almost permanently until his passing in 1962.
pp.110$6.00Some Verses

The Silent Power book cover

Besides writings on Sri Maharshi, his beloved Arunachala and a few other interesting articles on various topics, this book, like Fragrant Petals" and "Surpassing Lova and Grace", contains selections from "The Mountain Path" and "The Call Divine".

Sri Ramana Reminiscences book cover

By G.V.Subbaramayya. This is a touching story told by a childlike devotee who looked upon his Master as his `All in All'. The account covers the years between 1933 and 1950 and clearly reveals Sri Bhagavan's love and concern for devotees struggling in the world.

Surpassing Love and Grace book cover

by His Devotees. These articles are taken from The Mountain Path The Call Divine. Those devotees who were blessed enough to sit at His feet share their experiences with the reader. They speak of the Maharshi in awed tones and with overwhelming sensitivity and love. The reader is invited to participate in this spritual feast.
pp.296$12.00Ch.40, The Unfinished Game

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