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Archival Films cover

The Archival Films of Sri Ramana Maharshi - 1935 To 1950

A collection of all the known films of the Maharshi, restored, edited and arranged in chronological order. These films, taken mostly by his devotees, affords us a remarkable opportunity of viewing a fully-enlightened sage who in the 13 century lived like an ancient rishi of yore. Two of the films were professionally produced by the Indian Information Bureau as newsreels with soundtracks and shown throughout India in cinema houses.

65 min, color and black & white, mostly silent,   view a sample,   booklet
DVD  $13.00

Arunachala Giripradakshina cover

Arunachala Giripradakshina

The Arunachala Mountain is situated 125 miles southwest of Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is known as one of the most sacred places in India, and now in the West its fame has grown as the home of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, known also as the "Sage of Arunachala". To perform Giripradakshina (going around the Hill in a clockwise direction), with mind fixed on the Mountain, is perhaps the most spiritually beneficial act that anyone can perform.

This video takes the viewer on a complete circuit of the Holy Hill, with visits to the hallowed shrines that surround it, accompanied by the Five Hymns to Arunachala, as sung by devotees at Sri Ramanasramam.

47 min, color, music,   view a sample
DVD  $13.00


Guru Ramana - His Living Presence

Guru Ramana - His Living Presence cover

M.S.Subbulakshmi's inspiring renditions of the Maharshi's compositions provide an impeccable backdrop to the personal stories and narrations delicately strung together with English subtitles, voiceovers, archival photos and films.

Though thousands flocked to Sri Ramana Maharshi from the world over, few moved with him more intimately than those featured in this video. They received his grace, absorbed his effulgence and spent a lifetime experiencing His Living Presence.

Introduced by Swami Ramananda Saraswati (former President of Sri Ramanasramam), and featuring highlights of interviews with Annamalai Swami (1906-1995), Balarama Reddy (1908-1995), Kanakammal (1922-2010), Krishnaswami (1906-1996), Kunjuswami (1897-1992), N.N.Rajan (1906-1994), Prof.N.R.Krishnamoorty Aiyar (1907-1994), Rajapalayam Ramani Ammal (1927-1994), Ramaswami Pillai (1895-1995), Prof.K.Swaminathan (1896-1994) and Sampoorna Ammal (1899-1993).

75 min, color, music,   view a sample
DVD  $13.00

Sage of Arunachala cover

The Sage of Arunachala   -   The Life and Times of Sri Ramana Maharshi

In this seventy-three-minute, professionally-produced documentary, the unique life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi are artistically unfolded in a chronology of photographs, interviews, narration and archival film footage.

Follow the Sage from his birth in a small South Indian village to his final mortal day, as grieving crowds push in from all sides to have their last darshan.

Released after a two year effort of archival film restoration, interviews, research and travel. Narrated by John Flynn, a nationally recognized television and film talent. Edited by James Hartel, and music by internationally famous artists.

73 min, narrated, color, music,   view a sample,  Upadesa Saram 12.6 MB wav or 2.3 MB mp3
DVD  $13.00

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