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Baa, Indira Bhatt

Baa Indira Bhatt

Baa's departure is a great loss to us all. But that loss is far outweighed by what we gained in her company. Her presence in our midst was surely Bhagavan's gift to us.

The life and teachings of Bhagavan Ramana begin and end with the experience of death. By searching one pointedly within "Who is it that dies?" "What is death?" and "Who am I?" he discovered his true eternal Being, free from death and birth. Baa was not lost in the trivialities of this life. She knew that her real being was that which lived beyond this birth and death, so she focused her attention solely on that. I sincerely pray that all of us, her children, learn from her this lesson of life and fix our heart and soul, as she had done, on that deathless Self in the Heart of all beings.

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