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Mother of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Prayer for Mother, by Bhagavan Ramana
She is mentioned several times in 'The Maharshi' newsletter
Remembering Swami Viswanathan Sep/Oct 2013, article.1

My Pilgrimage to Ramanasramam para.1 of the section 'Entering the Ashram '
Sri Ramana Mandiram Sep/Oct 2000, 'The Maharshi' newsletter
Mother Azhagammal, Her Final Day May/Jun 1992, 'The Maharshi' newsletter
Nirvana Satkam
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, Ch.102 - Mother Alagamma listen to the 08m 38s narration of Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, Ch.102, 'Mother Alagamma': 4.0 MB mp3 file [08m 38s, 4.0 MB]
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