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Appalam Song At the Feet

Atma Vidya


  • Lo, very easy is Self-Knowledge,
    Lo, very easy indeed.

    Even for the most infirm
    So real is the Self
    That compared with it the amlak
    In one's hand appears a mere illusion.
  • True, strong, fresh for ever stands
    The Self. From this in truth spring forth
    The phantom body and phantom world.
    When this delusion is destroyed
    And not a speck remains,
    The Sun of Self shines bright and real
    In the vast heart-expanse.
    Darkness dies; afflictions end;
    And Bliss wells up.
  • The thought 'I am the body' is the thread
    On which are strung together various thoughts.
    Questing within enquiring 'Who am I?
    And whence this thought?' all other thoughts
    Vanish. And as I, I within the Heart-cave
    The Self shines of its own accord.
    Such Self-awareness is the only Heaven,
    This stillness, this abode of Bliss.
  • Of what avail is knowing things
    Other than the Self? And the Self being known,
    What other thing is there to know?
    That one light that shines as many selves,
    Seeing this Self within
    As Awareness' lighting flash;
    The play of Grace; the ego's death;
    The blossoming of Bliss.
  • For loosening Karma's bonds and ending births,
    This path is easier than all other paths.
    Abide in stillness, without any stir
    Of tongue, mind, body. And behold
    The effulgence of the Self within;
    The experience of Eternity; absence
    Of all fear; the ocean vast of Bliss.
  • Annamalai the Self, the Eye
    Behind the Eye of mind which sees
    The eye and all the other senses
    Which know the sky and other elements,
    The Being which contains, reveals, perceives
    The inner sky that shines within the Heart
    When the mind free of thought turns inward,
    Annamalai appears as my own Self,
    True, Grace is needed; Love is added.
    Bliss wells up.
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