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Cherished Memories

Table of Contents

 Publisher's Noteiii
 Genesis of the Bookix
1.The Greatness of Arunachala1
2.Arunachala and the Sage of Arunachala12
3.Arunachaleswara Temple20
4.Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi29
5.Who is Ramana?33
6.Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai40
7.Composition of Ramana Puranam43
8.Ramakrishna lyer47
9.Do not touch those Seeds!50
10.My longing to stay at Sri Ramanasramam53
11.My Permanent Stay in Tiruvannamalai58
12.Initiation through Look64
14.The Telegram70
15.Get up! Get up!73
16.The Triad74
17.It is all the Same76
18.The Sage of Kanchi78
19.Pilgrimage to Badrinath80
20.Heart may rule the Mind84
21.Self is Everywhere87
22.Bhagavan's Wit88
23.The Stone God90
24.Nayana and Namam92
25.Mind your own Business94
27.For Whom are the Rules?101
28.Worship the God with Incense103
29.Just a Peepul Tree105
30.Enough of this Chanting of the Fan107
31.Why waste the Flowers!110
32.Sarvam Vasudevamayam Jagat111
33.Look! here is a Bald Head !113
34.The Peacock and the Kolam (Design)116
35.Realisation through Music ?120
36.Sri Muruganar121
37.The Master who devours Everything130
38.Awaiyar's poetic Skill132
39.Avial and Adiammal134
41.Saraswati Puja138
42.The Unskilled Artisan140
43.Bhagavan and the Poet142
45.Farewell to Rituals152
46.Bhagavan's Grace154
47.Liberation to Puja156
48.An ideal Home Life158
49.The Lizard Devotion160
50.Seize the Opportunity161
51.Massage that Pillar165
52.Rishabha Vahanam168
53.Why leave Madurai at all?171
54.Varanasi Subbulakshmi Ammal172
55.Singular Taste174
56.Life is Governed by Prarabdha176
57.The white Peacock179
58.The Self unaware of the Body183
59.Bhagavan in Kitchen185
60.Vivekananda, I Presume!188
61.The Golden Parrot191
62.What can You do About this ?192
63.The marauding Monkeys193
64.God alone exists197
65.The Brinjal Stalks198
66.Absolute Perfection201
68.Swami Pranavananda207-217
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