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Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai

Table of Contents

3Sacred Verses of Praise3

4Singing of His Nature5
5Speaking of His Beauty6
6Speaking of Refuge7

7Destruction of Karma8
8Proper Placing9

10Decad of Prayer 13
11Yearning When14
12O God Supreme15

13Decad on Ramana the Teacher (Desika Patikam)17
14Ramana Deva17
15Decad of Thought20

16Decad of Grace22
17Decad of No More Life25
18Decad of Prayer for Encouragement26

19Decad of Holding Firm27
20Living Glory of Aruna28
21True Life29

22Sacred Stanzas on the Sacred Feet30
23Decad of Refuge31
24Decad of Union32

25Decad of Enslavement34
26Ramana Gitam35
27Decad of Vision37

28Decad of Possession38
29The Warrior39
30Decad of the Head40

31Decad of the Miracle41
32Decad of Wonder42
33Seeing the sacred Form43

34Seeing the Sacred Feet44
35Decad of Seeing the World45
36Decad of Tiruchuzhi46

37Decad of Worship48
38Decad of Melting49
39Decad of Supplication to Ramana51

40Decad of Petition53
41Decad of Appeal for Compassion54
42Not Being Dead55

43Decad of No Otherness56
44Ramana as Muruga57
45Decad of No Repaying58

46Decad of Knowing Nothing Else60
47Decad of No Other Shrine62
48Decad of Sovereignty63

49Decad of No Other Thought64
50Can I Forget You?65
51Decad of Dread66

52The Sacred Pledge67
53Decad of Tirupandy68
54Awakening to Life69

55Word of Assurance70
56Call for the Army71
57The Glory of the Presence (Sannidhi)72

58Decad of the Journey73
59The Love-Lorn Maiden Speaks75
60Mother's Grievances76

61Mother's Lamentations77
62Mother's Pleading78

64Foster-Mother's Plea80
65Ramana, Master of Maya81
66The Heroine's Entreaties82

67To the Bee-Messengers83
68The Bee-Messengers's Reply84
69Garland of Bliss85

71Lord Ramana of Aruna87
72Glory of Ramana88

73Ramana Leela91
74Decad of Sonai93
75Steadfastness in Service94

76Anubhuti (Experience)97
77Paranalladu (Nothing but the Supreme)99
78Sacred Decad of Gifts from Sonai100

79True Experiencing101
80Appeal to the Heart102
81Ramana the Magician103

82Inner Purity105
83Beyond Gratitude106
84Purity of Experience (Anubhoga Suddhi)107

85An appeal for Compassion108
86Ecstatic Joy110
87Bliss Transcendent111

88Song Divine112
89One and Yet Not One113

91Having Reached His Feet115
92The World's Wealth116
93Final Freedom117

94The Glory of His Grace118
95You Are All119
96Difference, Non-Difference120

98Longing for Freedom122

100True Worship124
101True Awareness125
102True Being126

103Ancient Wisdom127
104Sacred Venbas128
105Tiru Undhiyar130

106Perfection of the Form131
107Power of Grace132
108Noble Servitude 133

109Waking up Song (Tirupalli Ezhuchi)134
110Maiden's Bathing Songs (Tiruvembavai)136
111Thiru Chazhal-A Game147

112Clap Hands and Sing and Dance148
113The Shoulder Game (Thiruthonokkam)149
114The Eye-Meeting Game150

115The Game of plucking Flowers151
116Golden Fragrant Powder152
117The Sacred Golden Swing154

118To the Kokila (Cuckoo) 155
119To the King Butterfly156

Selections of Verses From Various

Compositions by Muruganar

121The Shock158
122Silent Master's Sovereign Presence159
123Glance of Grace161

124The Sustainer162
125God of Gods163
126The Light Supreme164

127The Living Heart165
128Journey Homeward to the Self166
129Continued Presence167

130The Blind Seer167


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